Pythagoran Crank

*Please note, older blog posts likely do not represent my current views and drafts are in the works to update those.

I am a skeptically-minded pro-justice vegan. Here is a timeline of some formative events:

  • 1999: “went vegan” in protest of violence to others.
  • 2000: Volunteered for the Chicago chapter of vegan advocacy and environmental org Earthsave. Later became Chairperson.
  • 2001: Became a rawfoodist for about a year.
  • 2002: Founded the local vegan meetup which would become one of the largest vegan groups, Vegan Chicago.
  • 2003: Started an online message board called Vegan Represent which was one of the largest such communities of it’s time.
  • 2006: Discovered skepticism and critical thinking.
  • 2008: Rebranded Vegan Represent as Plant-based People.
  • 2011: Started a vegan biotech advocacy group called Vegan GMO in response to GMO misinformation.
  • 2015: Collaborated to create March Against Myths (MAMyths) in response to anti-GMO fear campaigns.
  • 2017: Read Aphro-ism which redefined veganism for me.
  • 2018: Science for the People, Free RadicalsChanda Prescod-WeinsteinShay-Akil McLean, science and technology studies, redefined science for me.

Along the way I was involved in several other vegan groups and projects. Paid a lot of vegan dues, talked with a shit ton of vegans. My views are ever-changing and archived here within this blog. Context: I’m a cisgender, heterosexual, white-presenting male. Pronouns: he, him. Language: English. Location: occupied lands of the native Potawatomi (amongst others) people colonized as Chicago Illinois USA.

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