Pink Goop Noms

So this story about how chicken nuggets (and other processed foodstuffs) are scraped clean by machines and reduced down to be formed into products is going around with guffaws about how gross it is. Vegans and animal eaters alike are tripping over themselves about how utterly disgusting this is. Am I the only one who thinks this is cool as shit?! I mean really, it’s efficient and convenient and what’s the difference really? Shouldn’t vegans get on board with this type of processing? The more chicken flesh you use the less chickens need to be killed. Furthermore the step from this pink goop product to a vegan equivalent is that much closer. Vegans should be championing this!

Imagine if we can GM or lab grow that analog meat protein stuff and pack it into tubes that could be molded and flavored like any animal part. I mean, heck, we already have such a product called Match Meat and it’s pretty damn good. Good enough that I won’t ever miss eating an animal again.

Jamie Oliver just can’t fathom how U.S. kids can see an up close demonstration on how this works and still want to eat the finished product. Look how he slaps the ingredients around trying to show how distasteful they are yet in the end the kids are like NOM NOM NOMs. The kids know wassup, Jamie can offer nothing but subjective disgust. Those UK kids must be a buncha suckers.

Ok, so processed meatstuffs’ prolly not the healthiest thing but what I suspect is really being served up here is a big fat ol’ appeal to nature. What makes a blended up chicken “fake” and a whole chicken “real”? Oh and BTW. (that’s for the vegans ;))

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