Principled solidarity

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein but this time she quotes a one Lina Morales who succinctly unpacks the way intersectionality is being abused to become:

“endless empty calls for centering and wildly narcissistic woke qtpoc “”activists”” destroying solidarity for clout and survival crowdfunding.”

It’s a quick read but I think it helps put shit back on the tracks for me. Check it out!

Twitter thread by @IBJIYONGI:

“My fellow Jew of color/comrade/woman in STEM Lina Morales said something deeply insightful today about this meme and gave me permission to share it. On the surface this meme looks really woke, right? Well read on to see Lina unpack it the way Orwell unpacked Dickens: (a thread)”

Source: Twitter

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