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Hey internets, it’s been a while aint it? Are blogs even a thing anymore? Hi.

So, maybe I’ll blog at some point about the break I took. Some shit went down, all over the place I’ll tell you waht. I have been writing so many blog posts in my head on my work commutes. I can’t wait to get them out, for my own mental relief, really.

But in the meantime I am dashing out this quick update so that anybody stumbling upon my blog doesn’t get the wrong idea about me from my past blog posts. I’m not really a fan of deleting old content because I wan’t to be transparent about my own growth. I’ve had shitty views and I’ll continue to do so…but less shitty hopefully. One of the reasons I haven’t been writing because I’m understanding more about what I don’t know, historically, socially, emotionally, & politically. In terms of the Dunning-Kruger effect I guess I’m in the “valley of despair“. Just starting to crawl out now, in pretty much every topic I’ve been writing about here. I don’t think I was so much incorrect as I was wrong.

I may go back and revise old posts but for now to I wanna blurb the record straight right quick. Nobody @ me on the old shit.

After all, it’s what I’m all about! I understand it more to be a form of ‘animal rights practice’. Now, I have much fancier language to use to say that but I wanna save it for the blog post. Basically I believe veganism is personal and subjective (*GASP*) which is a twistier take in the same direction of my old view.

Animal Rights
The movement suffered the neoliberal utilitarian appropriation at the hands of white stooges. Even the word “animal” feels archaic and we should be beyond that by now. The best thing an “animal rights” activist can probably do (if not done already) is organize for human causes. Speciesism is deeply engrained like any form of systemic oppression. Even the best intentioned animal rights activists may be taking one step forward and two steps back. We need to mature a movement that can stand on its own.

There are so many daunting problems in the world today. The things for which skeptics distract themselves seem embarrassingly trivial. It’s feels like a symptom of privileged white men (for the most part) and their complete naiveté. I’m over it.

I’m starting to understand how this thing is used to police epistemology and oppress. I’ve witnessed this during the March For Science. I sat down, took a break, and read and read from some amazingly brilliant and generous people of color. As a primer, Sophie Wang’s Science Under the Scope over at Free Radicals is mind-blowing. I was happy to discover there’s a long history of radical science organizing in efforts such as Science for the People.

Speaking of technology, I used to believe the myth that it was an agnostic endeavor. Technology, I believed was inherently neutral and unbiased. But technology is made by people and that has an inherent bias. There’s also a political context to consider as usually the powerful will exploit the newest tech to further entrench their positions. Science and technology studies is a field that critically analyzes these intersections and more science groupies would do well to scratch that surface.

After all the work and years I’ve spent in this fight, who cares. It’s a joke of a cartoon issue. The anti-GMO folks don’t always have their facts straight but their message is in the subtext. There is a valid concern not being addressed. Bucking against that requires a level of sensitivity to untangle than it’s worth. Ultimately the technology isn’t gonna save us until we have a more equitable system.

Similar to GMO but this tech is much more life-saving. Still, if we wanna do the work we gotta win over anti-vax folks by addressing the underlying (and valid!) distrust of medicine, science, and technology. We can’t undermine the people with edgelord memes while pretending we’re saving the world with our “#scicomm”.

It’s a form of agriculture that bucks the status quo and for that I give it props. I know, I know all the quippy responses about their perceived goofy standards, and “BigOrganic”, and “natural”, and all that shit but c’mon. That’s all disingenuous bullshit if you aint working to make ag better.

Fuck Monsanto and fuck Bayer too. I can’t believe I the apologetics I slung in their name. 🤦‍♂️

And that’s the short of it, did I miss anything? I’m sure I have. So have I lost everybody with all that now? Hope not. You think them takes are hot? You should see my Twitters! 🔥 But really, I feel like I’m less crankier than I’ve ever been. It’s tempered through years being wrong mostly by my own white maleness. I’m sheltered, fragile, and way too sure about shit I had no business pontificating upon. I call that my rampaging white man. Which…BTW thanks for reading again, sucker! Just kidding, much love. ❤️

Going forward in this Dunning-Kruger valley, I expect the blog posts to be shorter and punchier. I’d like to move the discourse along through a more inquisitive rather than definitive approach. And whatever crank I have left in me I’d hope to leverage more constructively towards the systems that deserve it. ☮️

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  • Anna

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you continue to write here! And I’ll have to look at your Twitters. I basically abandoned that ship during the lead-up to the 2016 election. I just couldn’t take it.

    • Anna!!!

      Yeah, the 2016 election fucked me up. It forced me to really confront some actually systemic injustices that put a whole lotta things I used to be cranky about in perspective.

      I never did reply to your “I Want to Believe…” email but I was glad to receive it. I hope 2019 is shaping up to be the best year ever for you!

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. ❤️

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