What’s the Harm (To Animals)?

In defense of  “alternative therapies” people often resort to “What’s the harm?”. If it is argued that a certain “alternative” form of therapy has no efficacy then why should anybody take their time to criticize it? What’s the harm in taking it then? Well for one, a certain Tim Farley started a website called What’s the Harm to specifically address that.

There’s a specific case of magical thinking though that many vegans employ that goes against their supposed very nature of animal protection. For example, vegans who practice “traditional chinese medicine” contribute to a way of thinking that encourages poaching of wildlife for a few specific body parts. These are acts so despicable that the most ardent animal eater would spit in disgust. A happenstance on my twitter feed today broadened that effect into another area that is psychics.

[SCREENSHOT](Twitter identity edited out.)

Here you see Tim Farley of What’s the Harm (twitter name: krelnik) reporting on how faith in a psychic caused an animal sanctuary to be destroyed by a credulous mob of Maya villagers.

An American couple in Belize struggled Tuesday to figure out their future, their dreams literally up in smoke after a mob of indigenous Mayans burned down their animal sanctuary in the belief the foreigners fed two missing children to crocodiles on their property.

If you start to think that such belief could never happen here all you need to do is read the tweet after the next to see a local vegetarian promote a psychic reading for cats hosted by a local animal shelter![1] Well what harm could come of that you say? I argue that it is not the specific act necessarily but the train of thought that can lead one further and further down the rabbit hole. By the way, a rabbit’s foot lucky charm isn’t vegan either so stop chasing that rabbit.[2]

[1] if the psychic would speak in LOLcat I seriously would pay double!
[2] might just be my new metaphor for “following woo down the rabbit hole”! 😉

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