Quick Cranks #2

grandpa-simpson-yelling-at-cloud-simpsons-funny-pictures Gosh this upcoming post (not this one) is a whopper and I’ve been molding, adding, shaping this big lump of clay for month and months now. Oh but I don’t mean to get yer hopes up too much but it IS something I’ve never attempted before! Crap, that’s not the way I should undersell it.

Oh wells. In the meantime I just needed to vent another installment of QuickCranks. I never meant this to become a series but for my sanity and those of my loved ones I maybe need to get these things off my chest. Enjoy!

I get into all sorts of scuffles on the Twitters (I know, surprise surprise) and these past few weeks have been no exception. This @VeganTweeter guy is pretty much the embodiment of what one would expect the vegan movement to look like. Talks about himalayan salt, coconut water, food pics, food pics, ya know the whole nine. With over 21 thousand followers I don’t think that’s a totally unwarranted claim. Recently he posted this junk information about cow’s milk.

That was a weird enough claim to warrant even a few people asking for a source. He cited a Mercola article of all things until a few RDs weighed in to set things straight. Once that was shown to be false he finally relented and issued a correction. Good for him except it was too late. The original tweet was retweeted 88 times and a week late the correction was retweeted…2 times. Goes to show how misinformation can ‘go around the world while the truth will still be putting it’s boots on’. Be careful when posting stuff folks, especially if it confirms your own bias! Baloney detection, do it!

And gosh I don’t mean to pick on Mr. @VeganTweeter, really I don’t. But he continued down the pseudoscience rabbit hole publicly askingAnyone have a reputable source that states humans aren’t designed to eat meat?

No, just no. *sigh* 1998 called and wants their John Robbins back. Luckily he asked actual RDs this time and was set straight by at least one, again. That’s progress Mr. VeganTweeter, good for you, fist pound. [/no sarcasm]

Didja hear about VegExpo2014 in Vancouver Canada? No, me either. Anyway, according to their TwitterFeed (after some prodding by biotech defenders) “the goal of #vegexpo2014 is to educate the masses about dangers of #gmo and support the movement for our future.“.

The extent to which the anti-GMO conspiracists (because that is what you are if you question the scientific consensus on GMO safety) are co-opting the vegan (excuse me, “veg”) movement may be going beyond even my cynical expectations. Next time you visit a “veg” fest look for the anti-GMO tables and when you see one, remember this: “I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO”. Heh.

Also, when a vegan says something like: “Animals are important and all but gosh these GMOs are the bigger issue…” freakin’ call them on that bullshit already. You think vegan is great and all? Regulate.

Speaking of GMO, when Organic fanatics attack GMO they’re often reminded that many of their own Organic products are bred using mutagenesis which forces random mutations in hopes for some useful novel trait to emerge. It’s much less precise than transgenic or cisgenic methods (GMO) which illustrates the inconsistencies in their gripes with biotech. Well, those good Organic folks finally are coming around to petition to accept GMOs ban the use of mutagenesis. Everybody go sign that yeah! And good for you Organic, good for you. While you continue to regress your practices we’ll be happy over here making food better using, ya know, science. Let’s see which the market will reward. Good luck suckers.

I know I wrote about this back in 2010 but Bill Clinton STILL aint vegan but by the advice of one Dr. Hyman who said “It’s hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch,” and also “I know a lot of fat vegans.” Even the skeptics have their ire up.

And you know that ridiculous pseudoscientific “paleo” diet based upon the usual fallacious appeal to nature that vegans hate and ridicule?! Well now there’s a vegan paleo cookbook and suddenly, hey that’s awesome, go vegan paleo! Wrong ideas are only wrong if they happen to disagree with your worldview I guess.


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  • unethical_vegan

    I wonder what the organic-GMO mafia will do when they realize that meiosis scrambles human genes to produce homologous-recombinant franken-people?

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