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DraftlandWhile I continue work on new drafts, here’s some junk that’s been cranking me up lately. I know nobody believes me still when I insist veganism isn’t synonymous with animal liberation but here’s a buncha straw men anecdotes on a slippery slope in support. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Veganism is so much better for the environment. That’s why you should kill more animals with lesser environmental footprints. What a win environmental vegans, thanks!

The rawfoodist sect of veganism sure loves durian. Too bad durian is apparently murder.

Hampton Creek Foods, working on egg replacement products, gets funding from Asia’s richest businessman. Beyond Meat cranks out a beef crumbles line. And vegan commenters never fail to throw FUD into the mix about eating processed foods or “OMG GMO”! It’s the NOT VEGAN game on a whole new level. Go ahead and post something about these products on your Facebook vegan group and watch the fun as they trip over themselves to find ways to piss on it. POINTS: “processed” = 5, “gluten free??” = 3, “GMO??” = 1

Whole Foods proudly displays their animal parts with signage saying “A hearty helping of animal compassion with every order”. Vegans boycott Whole Foods for their misleading claims. Oh wait, no they just wrote a petition and the sign was taken down. We’re all cool now guys.

Chipotle declares “Vegans and Carnivores Unite” with their new vegan sofritas offering. Many vegans fawn but some aren’t buying it (literally and figuratively). In fact, forreals animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere has Chipotle squarely in their sights.

A “vegan America” is predicted by 2050 by measure of number of food trends. Looking forward to those nonGMO gluten-free kale burgers at McVegan’s in my seventies.

That reminds me of how humans slavery was abolished in the United States by the free produce boycott movement.1 The what? Yeah, exactly.

Thanks for joining me in this brief crankalude, please stay tuned for regularly irregular scheduled cranking.

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  • Sarah S.

    Thanks, I learned something new today. The “free produce movement” is not something I’d heard of before, but it is basically still going on today… “buy american” and all that… I know loads of people who regularly say we should never buy anything made in China because it’s all crap made by slaves (somewhat true, but the goal is just not realistic. Everything is made in the third world). I’m terrible as an animal advocate because I barely even bring it up to anyone, but lately I’m a good vegan just because I renewed my personal disgust for eating animal products. I don’t harbor any illusions that I’m helping anybody but myself, though.

  • Sarah, I agree. I need to look more into the free produce movement myself.
    Sorry you feel like a terrible animal advocate. I didn’t mean to shame anybody personally. Mostly I think the movement itself is a farce. People in it I believe have the best intentions. (except for the rawfoodists who can suck it) 😉

  • Shannon

    Can we invent a machine so that all other voices but yours about veganism are silenced? Like maybe a giant ‘MUTE’ button, and then we turn your vocals up to 11 and undo so much of the pathetic self-serving diatribe passing for “animal activism”? ugh, a gal can dream…

    • *blush*
      We should never silence though, that sets a bad precedent. I may be naive but I believe reason is the best amplifier. In time, it prevails.
      I appreciate the sentiment though, thanks for the comment Shannon!

  • mildly_bemused_welfarist_enviro-vegan_and_hardcore_utilitarian


    Deforestation and habitat destruction is almost always bad.

    Industrial meat farming is almost always bad.

    Doing something bad to avoid something else that is bad is almost always…


  • Libby

    As enthusiastic I am about lab-grown meat, that doesn’t harm any actual animals, for humans and omnivorous/carnivorous pets to eat I did see one crazy-ass application for it proposed too: http://www.abolitionist.com/reprogramming/index.html

    The idea is to put lab-grown replacements for prey animal meat into the wild and reprogram every single omnivorous/carnivorous animal (not just every species of them, every single animal in every species of them) to eat *those* instead of following their instincts.

    The writer didn’t address how to make these float at every level of the ocean for carnivorous dolphins and other whales that don’t normally eat at surface level or eat all the way down at the seabed.

  • Thanks for reading my article about the way growing durian causes the death of animals. I think it’s important that everyone realize the true repercussions of their diet, even the raw foodists. Speaking as a mostly-raw vegan, I feel that too many of my peers believe that by taking on a plant or fruit-based diet they have washed their hands of animal suffering and can be self-righteous and condescending to others, when the truth is that they are embroiled in animal suffering as well. I don’t think this is a good reason to not be a vegan, but I do think that militant vegans need to take a good look at their own actions and be less judgmental of others. Thanks again for the link! Feel free to join the discussion on my site.

  • Hawk

    It’s not just durian. If you grow all your own food, you can know that no animals were harmed. If you BUY your food (that’s you, if you are able to read this), you can be almost guaranteed that animals were killed.

    Forget the basic land use issues, i.e. animals driven off (essentially killed since they have no vacation homes) the land to make way for the crops. Animals make homes IN the crops. You’ll find rodents in grain fields, amphibians in rice paddies, etc. They are by-kill during and after the harvest.

    I have never heard my vegan friends acknowledge this.

  • “I have never heard my vegan friends acknowledge this.”

    Hawk, that is exactly why I wrote the article 🙂 I used durian as the example because 1) that’s what my blog is about and 2) some vegans think that tree crops are free from suffering because typically fewer machines are used and the soil is not disturbed. The truth is that if we truly want to reduce animal suffering, it takes a lot more effort than just going vegan.

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