Hal Herzog on Love, Hate and Eating

Hal Herzog, Ph.D., writes on the relationships between humans and non-human animals. In this Salon.com interview Hal talks about the schism between the outrage displayed for cruelty towards pet animals and the justification towards eating of animals. Recently there have been viral videos of examples of pet animal cruelty caught on tape (woman tosses cat into garbage can and girl throws puppies into a river, I won’t link) and the response on the internet has been tremendous. Even so far as the woman who threw a cat in the garbage can was tracked down by internet hooligans and had to go under police protection. Yet under our very noses cruelty much much worse than that is being perpetrated by the same people who so vehemently seek vengeance for pet cruelty.

Read more at:  Our conflicted relationship with animals – Pets. Animals. – Salon.com.

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