Raw Credulity

Take one large honkin’ appeal to nature about eating unprocessed food, liquefy it in a Vitamix blender with a heaping dose of pseudoscience and pour into an Excaliber dehydrator for 24 hours. Serve with a handful of anecdotes. This is what the rawfood diet is. Vegans love rawfood because well, it’s vegan. Who cares anything about what it’s about. Thars no aminals in that shiz! It also promises them those magical health benefits veganism failed to provide. It doesn’t take long to discover veganism is no guarantee to be a skinny bitch. Step up on that next rung of the Vegan Ladder!

Proponents for this diet will tell you that cooking food destroys enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion. This is based on Dr. Edward Howell’s outdated science which are picked apart at BeyondVeg[1]. It also doesn’t dawn on them that their appeal to nature of “other animals don’t cook their food” may work against their argument. Perhaps it is the cooking of food that gave us the advantage over other animals.

David Gorski blasts into this diet and its goofball gurus in a lengthy treatise (with videos!) at Science-Based Medicine. Check it, yo:

» Simply Raw: Making overcooked claims about raw food diets

[1]BeyondVeg is the PythagoreanCrank of RawFood and similar pseudoscience diets with an emphasis on research and science written by an ex-rawfoodist.
[*]Also see Raw Food Take Down

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