To Kill or Not To KILL

Two interesting essays were posted on Rationally Speaking that take an outsider’s look at issues surrounding the welfare vs abolition schism.

in Vegetarianism: moral stance or mere preference? Michael De Dora writes about how vegetarianism as a moral stance devolves into a preference when welfare improvements make it hard to justify a moral high ground. . . . → Read More: To Kill or Not To KILL

Raw Credulity

Take one large honkin’ appeal to nature about eating unprocessed food, liquefy it in a Vitamix blender with a heaping dose of pseudoscience and pour into an Excaliber dehydrator for 24 hours. Serve with a handful of anecdotes. This is what the rawfood diet is. Vegans love rawfood because well, it’s vegan. Who cares anything . . . → Read More: Raw Credulity

The Vegan Ladder

let’s break down the various steps one may go through on their vegan journey. . . . → Read More: The Vegan Ladder