Putting the Late in Deflate

The fallout from Voracious Vegan’s de-veganization continues and it’s good to see some critical thought and critique finally making its way into the public.

In a previous entry I warned of an impending bubble burst when all the bad arguments vegans throw around so willy nilly will cause an artificial inflation of vegans . . . → Read More: Putting the Late in Deflate

2000 Eyes of the Tiger

This might have to be a regular category here at PCrank as this particularly exemplifies the real harm that is done to animals in the name of superstitious beliefs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to take it’s toll upon the wild populations of endangered tigers. “Alternative medicine” is popular amongst the vegan camp and although . . . → Read More: 2000 Eyes of the Tiger


You know how they say “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”? well the same might be said of bias as it pertains to truth.[1] Science is a verb, a methodology that seeks to reduce the effect of inherent bias that we fancy monkeys harbor. Bias can be deliberate or . . . → Read More: Bi-Ass