Something’s Rotten But It’s Not the Burgers

Every other year it seems somebody puts a McDonald’s burger aside, it doesn’t rot and the people freak out about how “fake” our food has become. But what does it mean when food doesn’t rot? As a fancy monkey it may be instinctual to hop up and down, pointing at the unrotted food while screeching. . . . → Read More: Something’s Rotten But It’s Not the Burgers

Pink Goop Noms

So this story about how chicken nuggets (and other processed foodstuffs) are scraped clean by machines and reduced down to be formed into products is going around with guffaws about how gross it is. Vegans and animal eaters alike are tripping over themselves about how utterly disgusting this is. Am I the only one who . . . → Read More: Pink Goop Noms


Can genetic modification technology help our problems with global warming? Here are some articles that touch on the issue:

Genetically altered trees, plants could help counter global warming

Study evaluates prospects for boosting carbon sequestration from the atmosphere by modifying natural biological processes and deploying novel food and fuel crops

Forests of genetically altered trees . . . → Read More: GM VS GW