Bill Clinton Goes…Flexitarian

Vegan advocates spread the news Bill Clinton goes vegan and I sigh yet again. This bit of news actually made a surprisingly big splash on the internet the past weeks but when I first heard, my immediate reaction was “So fucking what.”. As more media reported on this I became even more confused as . . . → Read More: Bill Clinton Goes…Flexitarian

Raw Food Take Down

I’ve always been a big fan of YouTube user C0nc0rdance and these two videos on Raw Food don’t disappoint. I couldn’t have summed up the issues with Raw Food better myself.

Raw Food

Raw Food Pt 2

. . . → Read More: Raw Food Take Down

You Say Tomahto, I Say Flavr Savr

The debate over a piece of technology being evil or not can be quite a contentious issue. Be it the loom that threatened jobs or a weapon that threatens lives it’s really the user who commits the foul. Technology is just a tool and we should be wary about misplacing our contention. Genetic modification (GMO) . . . → Read More: You Say Tomahto, I Say Flavr Savr