It’s G-G-G-Gluten!

Zoiks Skoob! There’s a scary sounding ingredient lurking within our food! Double-check those Skooby Snacks because they may very well contain a protein called GLUTEN! WooOOOOoooOOo! . . . → Read More: It’s G-G-G-Gluten!

Bullshit Isn’t Vegan

At least so says Skeptical Vegan in Homeopathy, Unethical Quackery. I see vegans peddling alotta bullshit so I might challenge his final assertion:

All I have left to say is in my book homeopathy isn’t vegan, it’s 100% bull crap!

Still, since vegans fret over homeopathetical amounts of isinglass they might similarly be concerned about . . . → Read More: Bullshit Isn’t Vegan

Raw Credulity

Take one large honkin’ appeal to nature about eating unprocessed food, liquefy it in a Vitamix blender with a heaping dose of pseudoscience and pour into an Excaliber dehydrator for 24 hours. Serve with a handful of anecdotes. This is what the rawfood diet is. Vegans love rawfood because well, it’s vegan. Who cares anything . . . → Read More: Raw Credulity