Principled solidarity

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein but this time she quotes a one Lina Morales who succinctly unpacks the way intersectionality is being abused to become:

“endless empty calls for centering and wildly narcissistic woke qtpoc “”activists”” destroying solidarity for clout and survival crowdfunding.”

It’s a quick read but I think it helps . . . → Read More: Principled solidarity


When extremists of a particular group commit acts of violence and terror we look towards the moderates of that group to denounce their tactics. It is now time people for animal rights to openly denounce Negotiation is Over especially for their post, Bringing the War to the Student Body – The Soft-Bellied Target of the . . . → Read More: #DenounceNIO

Bullshit Isn’t Vegan

At least so says Skeptical Vegan in Homeopathy, Unethical Quackery. I see vegans peddling alotta bullshit so I might challenge his final assertion:

All I have left to say is in my book homeopathy isn’t vegan, it’s 100% bull crap!

Still, since vegans fret over homeopathetical amounts of isinglass they might similarly be concerned about . . . → Read More: Bullshit Isn’t Vegan