Principled solidarity

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein but this time she quotes a one Lina Morales who succinctly unpacks the way intersectionality is being abused to become:

“endless empty calls for centering and wildly narcissistic woke qtpoc “”activists”” destroying solidarity for clout and survival crowdfunding.”

It’s a quick read but I think it helps put shit back on the tracks for me. Check it out!

Twitter thread by @IBJIYONGI:

“My fellow Jew of color/comrade/woman in STEM Lina Morales said something deeply insightful today about this meme and gave me permission to share it. On the surface this meme looks really woke, right? Well read on to see Lina unpack it the way Orwell unpacked Dickens: (a thread)”

Source: Twitter

[SHARE] “Don’t say GO VEGAN. Respond to the local context and challenges of your people.”

What a great interview with Tristan of FaunAcción.

“Queer, indigenous anti-speciesist activist Gerardo (Wotko) Tristan speaks to PAL about the intersectional approach to vegan activism, the need for women of colour to take centre stage, and his solidarity with the Palestinian Animal League and people of Palestine.”

This quote had me clapping! White men are so apolitical they corrupt what is fundamentally a political movement.

“The majority of the world’s population is not white people, it’s people of colour, and lots of these people have distrust of white men. White men are reaching certain pockets of the population that are privileged, whether in Israel, Europe, Australia, or the US, but the majority of people isn’t touched. The white man is not an effective spokesperson, image, or face of the movement. That’s why we’re stuck, that’s why other movements aren’t taking us seriously.”

Read more: “Don’t say GO VEGAN. Respond to the local context and challenges of your people.” | Palestinian Animal League | Gerardo (Wotko) Tristan

[SHARE] Human supremacism: why are animal rights activists still the “orphans of the left”?

I think instead of bouncing awesome articles I’ve found around to my various social media sites I’ll start first by posting them here, maybe with a little commentary. This will be my first.

This article by philosopher Will Kymlicka strikes close to the issue I think the modern animal rights movement must first deal with. We have a rough history of political naïveté. We treat “animal rights” as if it’s a standalone thing and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The activists who enter social justice through animal rights often lack the political (power relations) understanding and nuance struggles require. To go forward I believe we need a reformation. One that, in the very least, de-emphasizes whiteness and defaults to orgs/individuals already doing the work but largely ignored.

…human supremacism is not only unnecessary to counteract dehumanisation, but is in fact counterproductive. This, in turn, implies that the prospects for bringing animal rights back into the family of social justice movements are significantly improved. We do not need to throw animals under the bus in order to uphold the rights and dignity of women, racial minorities, or people with disabilities. In fact, the fight against species hierarchy and the fight against intra-human hierarchies are mutually supportive, not zero-sum. …

Read more: Human supremacism: why are animal rights activists still the “orphans of the left”? by Will Kymlicka at New Statesman